Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons

To cater for all learner drivers we are able to offer driving lessons in an automatic or manual car.

There are both advantages and disadvantages in learning to drive in an automatic car. The advantages are that you can learn at a much faster pace as you do not need to master the use of the clutch and gears in your driving. Hill starts are much easier and manoeuvres are much less difficult as you do not need to master clutch control in order to keep the car at a slow speed. The biggest downside with learning in an automatic car is that if you pass your test in an automatic you will not be able to drive a manual car except as a provisional licence holder. To be able to drive a car with manual gearbox on the road you need to pass the driving test in a manual car.
There is no difference in how the driving test is conducted between manual and automatic cars. The same standard of driving is required for either. It’s just that many people find it easier to pass in an automatic.


Not sure whether manual or automatic driving lessons in Chiswick and West London are right for you?

Give us a call on 07538 716758 and we will give expert advise to decide whether a manual or automatic driving lessons are best for you.

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