Intensive Driving Course, Yes or No?

When you’re about to take start driving lessons in Chiswick, you might have heard about the option of an intensive driving course. It’s also popularly known as a “crash course” where you take sets of driving lessons intensively in order to pass the driving tests more quickly than the generic course.

This intensive driving course usually allows you to extend the lessons and/or deepen particular skills privately with your instructor. Unlike the generic driving course, the crash course in driving school usually follows the student’s individual schedule and offers a pre-designed lesson plan to meet your preferences, availability, and budget.

So, back to the ultimate question, yes or no? To answer the questions, let’s have look at things to consider below.

Are You in A Rush?

A crash course is typically designed in an intensive set of lessons. If you’re in a rush to get your driving lessons, let’s say for a job qualification or another reason, this could be your solution. However, you should consider whether you’re comfortable with rushed driving lessons.

Are You Okay with The Price?

In most cases, intensive driving courses come at a higher price than the generic one as they usually already include driving tests. It’s also because some extra costs are included in the prices as the instructor has to specify the schedules for your session. If you have no problem with such a high price, then the crash course can be considered.

What is the Urgency?

Consider what urgency that forces you to take such an intensive driving course. It could be job requirements, moving to other residences, going to college, and so forth. When you find yourself in a tight schedule to get a driving lesson soon, then a crash course could be a solution.

Do you need extra motivation?

In some cases, an intensive driving course can provide students with extra motivation. Some driving schools feature numbers of mock tests that allow you to have a real driving test experience. It’s, of course, a more subjective reason to take a driving lesson but if you feel this could be helpful for you, then go for it. However, if failing the mock tests can get you down, then don’t.

Do You Have a Difficult Schedule?

If you’re a busy person who works 9-5 or 8-4 or simply have a tight schedule, intensive driving courses could be the solution. The crash course usually come in high flexibility in terms of suiting your schedule and accommodating your preferences.   However, the flexibility would also depend on the driving school where you want to take the lesson. Some popular driving schools with full regular schedules may have limited flexibility in providing crash courses.

Do You Find it hard to Concentrate?

Intensive driving lessons usually allow you to concentrate on learning to drive skills. Some people just hardly concentrate on regular driving skills and they’re easily distracted by various things. If you’re one of them, then a crash course may not be the best option for you. However, it’s always worth to try the regular driving lesson first before you take the intensive one.

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