Theory Test

Aim Driving School in Chiswick and Acton offers you all the help you need with the driving theory test. The test is in two parts which both have to be passed at the same sitting.


The question part has 50 questions and the hazard perception part has 14 film clips. You need to get 43 of the multiple choice questions correct to achieve a pass. Some of the questions have several correct answers and you need to get all the correct answers for that question. The questions cover such subjects as road signs and markings, vehicle handling, documents and what to do in accidents.

Hazard Awareness

The hazard awareness video clips show film from the viewpoint of the driver of the vehicle and each clip lasts for about 30 seconds. Although there will be many different hazards on each clip, the 14 clips will only have a total of 15 “developing” hazards. You have to click the mouse button as soon as you see the developing hazard. A developing hazard is defined as one that will require you to take action. You will score 5 points if you identify the hazard immediately, decreasing on a sliding scale to 0 points if you’re just too late.

You need to pass the theory test before you can apply for the practical driving test. You can book your test at the official gov uk website.

driving theory test